The Importance of Home Insurance

Having home and content insurance is important in safeguarding your valuable assets.  Here are five reasons from JN General Insurance Company why you should insure your home and contents today:

  1. Your home is valuable; secure it!

A home is probably your most important and expensive asset. You worked hard to achieve it, therefore, you should protect it from any perils that can damage it. Your home insurance will protect your valuable assets from various risks such as hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood, burglary and theft. Given the large number of risks that home insurance covers, getting protection is essential.

  1.  You can never tell when disaster will strike

Except for a storm or hurricane, which we can predict, other insured perils, such as earthquake, fire, flood, burglary and theft, happen unexpectedly.  A disaster can happen at any time which could, in minutes, put what you worked so hard to acquire at a loss.

  1. We live in a disaster-prone region

Jamaica in situated in an area that is prone to hurricane and earthquakes. The repair and replacement costs for your damaged property could be substantial, causing you a great setback.  Having home insurance means you wouldn’t need to use their own resources or obtain a loan to restore or replace property. Your insurer will compensate you for your loss, thus enabling you to ‘get back on your feet’ quickly. Now, that’s peace of mind!

  1. Home insurance provides more than you think

A homeowner insurance policy will pay for medical expenses and damages, up to the limits stated in the policy documents, if a visitor or domestic employee is accidentally injured in the home and you are legally responsible for the injury.

  1. Content insurance protects your personal belongings

Your home insurance protects the structure of your home only.  Secure your valuable personal belongings, which includes, but is not limited to, paintings, jewellery, furniture and electronic items too. You don’t have to be a homeowner to benefit from content insurance. 

JNGI has embarked on a digitisation strategy which has distinguished the company as the only insurer in Jamaica to provide complete insurance transactions online. Persons can obtain a quote, renew, or purchase a homeowners insurance policy online by submitting the requisite documents electronically.