Photography and Real Estate: What’s the Relationship?

Photography is an essential marketing tool in any industry. It provides a visual representation of a product or item for a consumer helping them to make a purchasing decision. In real estate it is no different. Photography, and we are here also extending the reference to videography, plays a critical role in accomplishing three things:  attracting potential buyers, showcasing a property’s features, and helping agent’s close sales faster. The use of drone imagery is a recent addition that adds more value to how a property is viewed by potential buyers. Let us look in slightly more detail at those three areas, mentioned above, and how photography and drone imagery can impact the real estate industry: 

Attracting Potential Buyers

In today’s digital age, a property’s online listing is often the first contact a potential home buyer would have with available properties. Having high-quality imagery can be the difference in changing potential to actual sale. Photos done professionally, that is, they are well-lit, properly composed, and professionally edited help to immerse the viewer in the charm and appeal of the property as opposed to images that are dark, poorly framed, or poorly lit. Additionally, the use of drone imagery can provide a unique aerial perspective that can give buyers a greater sense of the property’s acreage, its immediate surroundings, and the neighborhood. This can lead to more views, more offers, and ultimately faster sales.

Showcasing a Property’s Features

Photography can be used to showcase a property’s unique features and highlight its best assets. By capturing the right angles and perspectives, a photographer can showcase the size and layout of rooms, the quality of finishes and materials, the architectural design and the property’s outdoor spaces. Drone imagery, as mentioned previously, provides a comprehensive visual representation of the property’s size shape and layout, including the property boundaries, any surrounding amenities such as pools and playgrounds and the general neighborhood, providing a greater sense of the property and its location. This will help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space or community and make them more likely to schedule a viewing or make an offer.

Assisting the Agent in Closing a Sale

In addition to attracting buyers and showcasing a property’s features, photography and drone imagery can also assist real estate agents in closing a sale. By providing detailed photographs and aerial footage of a property, agents can address any concerns that a potential buyer may have about a property before they ever step foot inside. This can help to reduce the number of questions that need to be answered during a viewing, making it more likely that the buyer will decide on an offer.

The reality is, photography and drone imagery plays a critical role in real estate. High-quality photographs and aerial footage can attract potential buyers, show off a property’s features, and assist in closing a sale. The use of drone imagery adds further value that can help buyers to envision themselves in the property and understand more about its nuances and surroundings. By investing in professional photography and drone imagery, agents, or sellers, increase their chances of a successful sale. So, whether it’s for traditional print media or online platforms, the importance of quality imagery, whether from traditional photography or drone imagery, is not to be underestimated.

Written By:

Christopher Fuller

Chris Fuller Photography

IG: @chrisfullerphotography