NHT Contributors Can Obtain Eligibility Letter Within Seconds

Contributors can now obtain an eligibility letter in real time from the National Housing Trust (NHT), using the organisation’s upgraded online portal.

Applicants can also share their eligibility letter digitally, whether with another mortgage institution, a realtor, or others.

It outlines the benefits for which an NHT contributor qualifies and provides information such as loan amount, loan tenure and interest rates.

“The new process literally takes seconds, once [a customer’s] account is verified in the NHT online portal,” Assistant General Manager for Corporate and Public Affairs, Dwayne Berbick, said in an interview recently.

Before this, obtaining the letter took up to five days or even longer if a discrepancy was identified.

Plans are also in place to upgrade the NHT’s mobile application to facilitate the application and processing of the letter instantaneously.

“The automation of the way in which customers access an eligibility letter is just one of the pillars of this service improvement that we are pioneering, and our end goal is to actually create a seamless and more transparent loan application journey,” said Berbick.

He told JIS News that only single-loan applicants can benefit from the new feature at this time.

However, as the entity continues to upgrade the platform, co-applicants will be able to apply for and obtain the document within seconds to initiate the mortgage process.

Source: https://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20230524/nht-contributors-can-obtain-eligibility-letter-within-seconds