Family Indoor Activities for Easter Weekend

Categories game

Have one person choose a category (e.g., animals, cereal, things you see in the sky, things with zippers, etc.). 
Go around in a circle and have each person name one thing that fits the category until someone cannot think of a new item. At that point, someone else chooses a different category. If you have a large group, you can eliminate those who can’t think of a new item and get down to one winner.

Paper pictionary

What you’ll need: Paper, pencil and scissors. Each person will pair up with another person. One partner will draw something on a piece of paper from their environment, or something they are thinking of, while the other tries to guess what their partner is drawing. Each partner will have a chance to draw and guess.

Hide and seek with objects

What you’ll need: 10 objects of your choice (e.g., balloons, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.) 
Label the objects 1-10. Hide the objects around the house. Have kids work as a team to find the objects in order. If they find 6, for example, when they are trying to find 3, they leave 6 in place and must try to remember where it was. Once the objects have been found in order, designate a new person to hide the objects.

Mystery box stories

What you’ll need: Shoebox and art supplies (e.g., construction paper, toothpicks, scrap felt pieces, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc.) 
Put miscellaneous art supplies into a shoebox. Have each person take five items and make something out of them. Each person then has to make up a story using his or her item. Children can write about their objects, as well.

Q-tip blow dart game

What you’ll need: Handful of Q-tips, plastic cups and straws. Begin by building a tower with the plastic cups. Put a Q-tip inside of a straw and blow at the target. You can challenge yourself to see how fast you can get your tower down.