Energy Management Tips

Trying to cut back on your electricity bill? Here are a few tried and tested strategies to help reduce costs and optimize your electrical equipment:

  • Try not to fall asleep when you are watching your favourite shows and series. Make sure you turn off electronics when they are not in use.
  • Did you know your battery charger draws power even when it is not in use? Remember to unplug all chargers once you are finished using them.
  • Try using power strips around the home. You can turn the strip off when you are done using your appliances.
  • When purchasing new appliances or electronics, check to make sure they are energy efficient. 
  • Use LED or fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.
  • Instead of running your dryer for all your loads, try air drying clothes instead.
  • Use natural light instead of flicking on the light switch. During the day, open your windows, open your curtains and enjoy the bright sunshine.
  • This should be your number one kitchen rule: “Do NOT stand in front of an open refrigerator door figuring out what you want!” Decide on what you want then grab and go!
  • Your smart meters are a great way to track your energy consumption so you can reduce usage when necessary. Don’t wait until the end of the end of your month. Download the JPS Mobile App, and with your smart meter you can track your electricity usage even by the hour!
  • Check and service your appliances and electronics. Try arranging for annual maintenance with a qualified technician for all your appliances, especially AC units.