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Multi-functional Furniture’s Space Saving Benefits

The winter months are the perfect time of year to get comfy and cozy. If you have a beloved winter mountain home or a favorite winter retreat, it may be difficult to furnish these typically smaller spaces. With help from multi-functional furniture, you can get more out of your investment while saving valuable space. When you prep your rental for the next winter season, try some of these suggestions to help you make the most out of your space so you can spend more time enjoying your cozy winter home and worrying less.


You’ll probably have a few guests come to visit you in your winter cabin, so you want to make sure there’s plenty of room for everyone to rest and stretch out. Maximize smaller cabin bedroom furniture by choosing beds that give you two uses in one:

Multifunctional Beds:

If you really want to get more from your bed, try one that includes hidden storage underneath. These multi functional beds are usually platform beds that include a set of drawers tucked underneath so your guests have a spot to keep their clothes neatly folded and organized. A storage bed helps you save space since you won’t need to include larger furniture like extra chests and dressers in the room.

Bunk Beds & Murphy Beds:

Another great way to save space in the bedroom is a bunk bed. This option is perfect for kids who come visit and features two levels of sleeping space, typically in twin size. Another great option is Murphy beds, which are hidden in the wall and pull down to form a comfortable bed at the end of the day. They’re a great choice for anyone who needs the extra room during the daytime, but who still needs to offer their guests a comfortable place to sleep for the night. When the next day arrives, simply push the Murphy bed back up against the wall to open up the room.

Living Room Furniture

The living room in your winter retreat may be cozy, but it may also be a bit on the smaller side which may make it difficult to accommodate lots of people. You can easily get more from this important room by choosing transformable furniture that serves more than one purpose. A storage bench offers a comfy place to sit down while giving you lots of roomy hidden storage inside. Toss boots, throw pillows, and extra blankets in this multi functional furniture to get additional storage and keep your cabin’s living room neat and tidy. A storage bench also looks great by the entryway where everyone can place their snowy or muddy boots to prevent the floor of your cabin from getting dirty.

Consider a few other options when decorating a mountain cabin that will give you more bang for your buck. Look at some examples of multifunctional furniture for tiny houses to give you a bit of inspiration. Anything that folds, expands, or serves two purposes in one will help you expand your space and enjoy a bit of extra organization, too. Expandable tables with a retractable leaf are the perfect choice if you have several people over for dinner and need extra elbow room. Any form of space-saving furniture will give you the room you’re looking for when it comes to relaxing in your winter cabin.

Functional Furniture Design Tips

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing dual-purpose furniture for your winter cabin, here are some helpful design tips to give you inspiration and get you started:

Look for coffee tables that expand into a taller, wider table to convert it into a dining surface in a small cabin living room. Try a room divider that includes built-in shelving. This will help you easily define and separate different spaces in your winter cabin, and the attached shelves offer a place to store and display some of your favorite items. Storage furniture for small spaces should be easy to move around. Try a cubby-style shelf that includes smooth-rolling wheels so you can move it out of the way or rearrange things easily in the cabin. A baker’s rack with a large, flat surface can easily double as a small kitchen island. Use the rack to hold and hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils so your cabin kitchen isn’t cluttered or overwhelmed. If you don’t have a guest bedroom in your winter cabin, a sleeper sofa is a great choice. This multifunctional furniture doubles as a bed so you have a comfortable sleeping surface for winter guests. Choose entertainment centers that offer additional storage for things like movies, books, and small electronics. The entertainment furniture should have plenty of shelving along with cabinet doors so you can keep wires and remote controls in one place and neatly out of sight. Buy tables with drawers whenever you can so you’ll have more storage space. From a nightstand to end tables in the living room, drawers will help you keep your winter cabin organized and give you extra storage for smaller items.