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How Actovegin treats us. Allowed in Russia, but not in the USA and Canada. Medicine – Indicator.

How Actovegin treats us. Allowed in Russia, but not in the USA and Canada. Medicine – Indicator.

What they are treating us with: Actovegin. Allowed in Russia, but not in the USA and Canada. Medicine – Indicator.

Indicator.Ru recommendation: be careful

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Let us briefly summarize all our findings. If the original drug is called doubtful, then the generic drug is even less likely to receive confirmation of its effectiveness the best buy testosterone cream tablets for side effects. Manufacturers believe that the main thing is the availability of demand, and they themselves admit that it is not necessary to test a drug according to all standards of evidence-based medicine before its sale. The most “beautiful” and eligible study has not yet been completed, only its outline has been published. The English-language website of the company hid all references to Actovegin, possibly due to the fact that the drug is banned in Canada and the United States, which means that the manufacturers no longer count on this audience. Medicines with animal components are banned in many countries due to the risk of transmission of prion diseases.

Resolution of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 15 “On Measures to Prevent the Spread of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease on the Territory of the Russian Federation” of December 15, 2000 introduces a ban on the import of “meat, meat and other products of slaughter of cattle from Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland into Russia,” import of these products from nine departments of France and six counties of the Republic of Ireland. ” It also recommends refraining from importing medicines made from the human pituitary gland in these regions. However, unlike similar documents adopted in the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, it does not include in the list of sources of medicines with animal components in its composition, therefore, the import of Actovegin produced in Switzerland into Russia is now allowed.

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The trenbolone acetate what is a tren ace countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS did not fall into the risk group, which means that it is possible to produce drugs with potentially hazardous components on their territory. But the same document shows that WHO specialists simply do not have reliable information for these countries, so we do not know how high the probability of transmission is..

Thus, the responsibility for this decision and for their own health lies entirely with the consumer. Perhaps the drug does work, and numerous positive test results in small scientific journals are still true, and a large-scale planned study will only confirm them. However, this fact does not negate the likelihood of transmission of prion diseases, therefore it is better to refrain from such treatment, at least until the safety control system for winstrol depot such components is in place in Russian pharmaceuticals..

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Our recommendations cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before you start taking this or that drug, be sure to consult a specialist.