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Factors of Rapid Muscle Growth Sport and Health

Factors of Rapid Muscle Growth Sport and Health


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Factors of rapid muscle growth | Sport and Health Training. Your training, when the main task testosterone enanthate cycle is muscle growth, should not be exhausting and exhausting, like the work of endurance or relief. Therefore, the most optimal number of working approaches per muscle, per workout, is no more than 12 or even less.

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There should be a few repetitions in the approach, from 6 to 10, so that the exercises are performed in strength style with a gradual increase in results, where the increase in muscle strength equals the increase in their volume. In addition, the duration of the training should also not be too long, 45-60 minutes – this is the most suitable time. The duration of the approach itself, with an emphasis on muscle growth – 40-70 seconds – is the time for effective stimulation of muscle fibers. Cardio. During the period of gaining muscle mass, cardio training should not be too frequent, otherwise it will have a negative impact directly on muscle growth. It is best to perform cardio training two or three times a week, for 15-30 minutes, on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. This will establish an even balance between gaining muscle mass and fat burning. Exercises. You will get the best results if the training is conducted using all the basic basic exercises, such as squats, barbell presses, deadlifts.


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At the same time, all muscle groups are divided into two parts and are worked out within the framework of one workout for each part, for example, today one half, and the next time the other. Thus, only two workouts per week are conducted. In this scheme, basic exercises of the strength plan are mainly performed, including the maximum number of muscle fibers, which is exactly what is needed for their growth. Grinding exercises for masteron enanthate relief (isolation) are performed less, since their main task comes precisely during the work on the muscular relief. Such exercises include breeding dumbbells and crossovers on the blocks (for chest muscles), various options for block exercises for triceps and deltas, etc. Of course, the two-time training method is just an example, you can divide the muscle groups more and conduct three or four classes a week , but then the training time is definitely reduced. Stretching. Neat pre-stretching is a great way to maintain flexibility, prevent injury and improve recovery after exercise. In addition, it has long been known that the more elastic a muscle is, the more susceptible it is to hypertrophy (growth). Plus, elastic muscles are simply necessary for a sports, athletic form. So stretching is by all means an important factor. Regular meals. High-quality and regular meals, divided into 5-6 meals – is an important condition for progress. Breakfast here is considered the basis – energy for the whole day. But subsequent meals are also important and necessary even just for good health, and even more so for effective muscle growth. As long as high-quality carbohydrates and proteins continue to enter the body, you will have a supply of calories and building material to build muscle and maintain the impulse of metabolism to burn fat. Periodic changes. Every four to six weeks, you need to change some component in your workout, it may be the number of repetitions that you do, the amount of rest time between exercises and sets, the exercises you perform, or any other moment of training. The main thing is to systematically add newness, figuratively speaking, to amaze muscles, as a result of which they will again adapt to changes and react with new growth.

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Keep a diary of your workouts to record your progress and changes. Hormone production. The more muscles are connected by one specific training load, either in one exercise, or in one workout, the more is the production (secretion) in the body of the hormones necessary for muscle growth. This crucial moment will ultimately affect not only muscle growth, but also the body‘s energy. It follows that for the greatest muscle growth, the most effective are the basic exercises that involve the maximum number of muscle groups. Protein shake. Protein shake plays an important role immediately after the workout, at this moment comes the turn of the so-called “carbohydrate-protein window”, which lasts up to 2 hours after the training. The sooner to fill this window with protein and carbohydrates, the better. This condition, along with the exercises themselves, is essential for effective muscle growth. Naturally, easily digestible protein shake will fit here as well as possible. By the way, whey protein is considered to be the highest quality in this regard, since it is absorbed much faster than any other type of protein.

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Therefore, whey protein in post-training time is better than others for trenbolone enanthate dosage replenishing the body with protein. Recovery. For proper health and effective muscle growth, a high-quality recovery is necessary – rest of the body. The ideal amount of sleep is seven to eight hours at night. As for your work, it is important to do everything possible to avoid excessive stress, because chronic nervousness raises the level of cortisol, a hormone that contributes directly to the negative effect, namely, preservation of subcutaneous fat and muscle burning. Vkontakte Facebook Twitter Classmates My world

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